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Data Security Solutions

How many times do you refer the data base in a day to acquire new customers, to verify accounts or to perform other functions?

Data is integral to the business guiding the pathway of success. Irrespective of its nature whether it is data of internal operations or external customer data base it plays crucial role. Data loss is very dangerous as it may ruin the business to nothing.

Kayz Infotech offers precise & meticulous data security solutions to save you from data disaster. The belief stating "prevention is better than cure" holds true in case of data protection. Our vigilant data security solutions ensure a sense of relief to entrepreneurs to continue their business smoothly repelling unnecessary shocks. Data loss is not just information seepage but beyond that. The side effects stretch out making a long list:
  • Reputation: If a company loses data then its news spread like rapid fire and forms the headlines spoiling the reputation of the company.
  • Replacement: After the data loss companies try to replace it by making new records. But most of the times companies face a data gap meaning once the data is lost it can’t be recovered or replaced.
  • Productivity: As a consequence of data loss it may result in sluggish business processes adversely affecting the productivity of the company.
  • Fines: With multiple norms & laws governing the data parameters of companies a data loss may impose you with hefty fines.
  • Potential Market: If the customer data is lost then it is equivalent of losing potential market as you may no longer be able to serve your existing customers.
  • Financial Burden: Replacement cost, fines, reduced sales, lesser productivity, etc not only just increases business expenses but may result in heavy financial burden that may shape into crisis.
Save your business from data loss by joining the data governance revolution promising higher degree of data security. Innumerable passwords and other confidential information that makes the business go are very vulnerable. Sketching the thin line between use & misuse is very tough job. At Kayz Infotech our intelligent business solutions save you from total blank out in lieu of data theft, incidental data loss or data hacking. We give you total business protection plan comprising:
  • Offsite Backup
  • Power Backup
  • Theft Security
  • Local Backup
  • Network Intrusion Security
Get yourself relieved from data loss worries by outsourcing data security solutions from us. Our IT spectrum ranges from readymade to customized solutions to meet the higher degree of security requirements of a business. We have been catering the diverse data security concerns of millions of clients spread worldwide and encourage you also to trust our data solutions.

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