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Content Management System Services

Stagnant our lives would have been if the content does not exist. Crucial & critical content makes W3 possible nothing else.

For an enterprise information is the most valuable asset and it can’t move without it. Content Management System (CMS) & Enterprise Content Management (ECM) prove to be the ideal solutions to fight the forgetfulness and find the right information at the right time & right place. With proven results Kayz Infotech extends CMS services to all the enterprises that are willing to indulge in the dynamic era of World Wide Web to experience the change.

The philosophy stating “change is constant” holds its validity from the time immemorial till date. Technology doesn’t stop to grow leaving enormous scope for existing products / services to improve. Business is meant for infinite period with each day contributing to its growth in disguise of enhanced products and increased revenues. Content Management System takes care of those extra needs by rendering surplus. Our CMS solutions empower you with extraordinary skills to edit your business website at any odd hour of the clock at any place. You need not be a tech geek in order to control your business website as you can add or delete or update content on it without any external help & expenditure. Our aim is to automate the information gathering, processing and delivering process by rendering content management system services.

Being a businessmen if you have enhanced any product then you can either yourself or ask your employee to amend the specifications of the related product on website without any technical help but by entering a valid password. Exercise full control on your website by choosing Kayz Infotech as your CMS partner. Keep your website up to date with our CMS software solutions. Not only is this but we also offer document content management services which are also called ECM services. CMS & ECM Systems prove to be highly beneficial for enterprises to manage different content, administer website content and streamline business processes efficiently.

Other than business advantages CMS helps your website to rank higher as search engines rank only those websites higher that keep on adding new content instead of static websites. We boast of our CMS services as it supports the complete content cycle from creating, publishing to maintenance. Other than these our portal CMS services have following features to leverage your business.
  • Editing Web Pages
  • Content Placement
  • Customer Management
  • Job Management
  • Admin management
  • Content Flow Management
  • Content Approval management


Optimal blend of technology and expert manpower makes us your first choice. Other factors that magnetize our clients are:
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Customized CMS & ECM Solutions
  • System Integration Services
  • Best Technology partners like Drupal, Joomla, DotNetNuke, WordPress, Radiant, PHP Nuke, VCM, etc
  • Open Source CMS
  • Varied Solutions like digital asset management, document content management, source content management, web content management, enterprise content management, etc under one roof
Make a difference in your business with our CMS & ECM solutions.

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